Use this report widget to show behavioral scoring per unique visitor for a specific SharePoint page or site.

Visitors receive a score based on predefined criteria, which might include the number of visits, the amount of time a visitor spends on the site, how they arrived to a given page, and if they completed specific actions. By tracking their behavior on your website, CardioLog Analytics gives you the power to determine each visitor's level of interest.

Scoring is based on all Visitor Segments the user belongs to. All Visitor Segment definitions contain an optional score field which reflects the priority of the segment as you see fit. By defining visitor segments with relevant values, you can rank your website visitors in a meaningful way. Scores can be any whole number zero and above.

Visitor Scoring Report Widget

Visitor Scores can be displayed as report widgets.

  1. In order to view visitor scores for visitors of a specific page, you will first need to either create a report or edit an existing report for that page or item.
  2. Add a new widget to your report and in Visitors, select a Visitor Scoring table widget.

    Add Visitor Widget Dialog - Visitor Scoring Table

  3. You can now view and edit your Visitor Scoring table widget, which includes values for:
    1. User - Each unique visitor identified by a name, cookie ID or IP address.
    2. Score - The score based on the visitor segments the visitor is identified with.
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