SharePoint includes a variety of built-in social features for users in your portal such as community building social media groups, personalized user profiles, content likes, rating and ranking, content sharing, following, and more. CardioLog ships with a built in set of Social reports ready to help you understand in detail who is sharing, interacting and influencing the most peers in your SharePoint Social Network. CardioLog also offers integrated reports for Sitrion and Yammer, for portals that make use of those services instead.

The following social reports are available in CardioLog Analytics:

Users Reports

  • User Profiles - Find the most popular profiles in your portal based on how often other users visited, posted on, or commented on a profile.
  • User Activity - Learn about which users are participating most based on their number of posts and comments.
  • Influential Users - Find out who in your portal has the most reach based how many followers they have.
  • Average Number of Followers Per User - Indicates a collective average number of followers per user to help gauge social participation in your portal.
  • Followers - Learn about how users choose to follow their peers.
  • Average Number of Contributions Per User - Learn about how often your users choose to contribute content.
  • Content Contributors - Find out who is contributing content, including posts, comments, replies and more.

Community Reports

  • Community Sites - Learn about which communities are most popular based on the number of users.
  • Community Activity - Learn about which communities are most popular based on the volume of discussions and replies.

Content Reports

  • Most Popular Content - Discover the content that users are following, liking and commenting on the most.
  • Likes - See the total number of likes on the social platform over any time frame.
  • Liked Content - Identify which topics of discussion have received the most likes.
  • Influential Content - Identify the content that has attracted the most followers in your portal.
  • Rated Content - Identify the content that has ranked by users and compare how often and how highly each post has been ranked. 
  • Average Ratings - Display the ratings average for specific website items.
  • Active Sites - Find out which sites receive the most contributions, modifications and deletions.
  • Content Contributions - Identify how often posts, items, replies, comments and more are viewed.

Note - Collecting data for detailed analysis of the site's social activity requires configuration. For more information see "how to import social information for your SharePoint farm".


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