CardioLog Analytics offers many reports and widgets designed for Sitrion social activity within SharePoint portals. You can use these tools to help analyse social adoption, collaboration and engagement levels in your networks.

The following Sitrion reports are available for CardioLog Analytics:

User Reports

  • Influential Users and User Colleagues - Identify who has the most followers and colleagues in your Sitrion community, and who those colleagues are.
  • Expert Users - Find out which users are being defined as experts by their peers.
  • Total Users - Keep track of the overall sum of Sitrion users in your portal.
  • User Activity - Identify and rank users who actively add content including posts, comments, questions, answers and likes in Sitrion.
  • Activity Log - Learn about the number and kinds of activities carried out by users in Sitrion within any period of time.
  • Inactive Users - Identify which users have not participated actively in Sitrion communities.

Community Reports

  • Community Activity - Learn about the top communities, based on the number of posts, comments, questions, answers and likes each community has acquired.
  • Community Membership Growth Trend - Find out how many people have joined specific Sitrion communities in a specific time frame.

Content Reports

  • Most Popular Posts - Identify the top posts in Sitrion, based on the number of comments and likes a post has received.
  • Most Popular Questions - Identify the most popular questions, based on the amount of answers and likes a question has received.
  • Trending Tags - Identify how frequently specific keywords are being tagged in Sitrion.

Campaign Reports

  • Campaign Center Activity - Find out how many campaigns are being added to Sitrion and identify which are attracting the most ideas, votes and comments.
  • Most Popular Campaigns - Identify the most popular campaigns within Sitrion, ranked by the number of ideas, votes and comments they have acquired.
  • Most Popular Ideas - Identify the most popular ideas based on the number of votes and comments the ideas received.
  • Unique Idea Submitters - Find out which users add the most ideas and attract the most comments.
  • Unique Idea Voters - Find out which users are voting and commenting the most on ideas in Sitrion campaigns.

Note - Collecting data for analysis from your Sitrion community activity requires initial configuration. For more information see "Sitrion Integration".

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