The Product License page provides information about your licensed product components, and enables the installation of new licenses.


Product Features

  1. In the Administration navigation pane, click Product License.
  2. All available product features and limitations for CardioLog are listed in the Product Features table.

    Product License Window

Installing Purchased Product Features

Installing a Commercial License File

  1. In the Administration navigation pane, click Product License.
  2. Scroll down to Install a Commercial License File and select Choose File.
  3. Open the Commercial License File using the Windows explorer.
  4. Click Install after you have chosen the relevant file.

    Install a Commercial License Details

Online Activation

  1. In the Administration navigation pane, click Product License.
  2. Scroll down to Online Activation.
  3. Enter your Activation Code in the text box.
  4. Click Activate to complete your product licensing.

    Online Activation Details
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