CardioLog has several user customizable adaptors for connecting your organization's data with the robust reporting and analysis features that CardioLog has built-in.

With the Custom Tree Adaptor API, you can configure your version of CardioLog to monitor any environment you'd like. Adaptors for non-SharePoint environments are common, but you can also connect to an application that isn't a traditional website. CardioLog can track pages within an application and create a tree structure based upon them. For example, if you would like to track the data from your Customer Relationship Management (CRM) platform, or even your Enterprise Resource Planning software, you can configure the Custom Tree Adaptor and create customized tree structures to interface with the platforms that you use.

Using the Custom User and Group Adaptor or the Custom User Categories Adaptor, you can integrate any personal user details relevant to your organization such as department, region, usernames and associated email addresses, into your usage report data. We also easily integrate with Active Directory, Sitrion and Yammer to easily integrate social data into your reports.


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